What outfits can I wear a plant charm with ?

May 16, 2024

Botanical jewellery, and plant charms in particular, have become a must-have fashion accessory in recent years. Their delicate charm and unique character make them ideal for adding a touch of nature to your style. But what outfits can you pair them with?

Bohemian chic

The plant charms on the https://planet-charms.com/collections/plant-charms website go perfectly with a bohemian chic style. Wear them with a flowing floral dress, flare jeans and a lace top, or a denim skirt and a floral-print T-shirt. You can also pair them with leather or wooden accessories for a more bohemian look.

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Minimalist style

If you prefer a more minimalist style, you can also wear plant charms. Opt for simple, discreet designs, such as a small leaf charm or a fine flower. You can pair them with a simple, elegant outfit, such as a white blouse and black trousers.

Rock style

Plant charms can also add a touch of originality to a rock style. Wear them with a leather perfecto, black jeans and a rock-print T-shirt. You can also pair them with leather or metal bracelets for a more rock'n'roll look.

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Preppy style

Plant charms can also be worn with a preppy style. Opt for elegant models, such as a small silver or gold flower charm. You can pair them with a white shirt, a woollen jumper and chino trousers.

Streetwear style

Plant charms can also be worn with a streetwear style. Opt for more original and colourful models, such as a cactus charm or an exotic flower. You can pair them with a sweatshirt, skinny jeans and trainers.

Tips for choosing your plant charm

When it comes to selecting the plant charm that will become your new everyday companion, the thought process goes beyond mere aesthetics. This unique piece, a true ambassador of age-old know-how and an inseparable link with nature, needs to be chosen with care and consideration. Sound advice can help you make the perfect choice.

Take your personal style into account

The search for the perfect plant charm starts with an introspective look at your own style. For bohemian souls, enamoured of flowing lines and psychedelic motifs, a charm with plenty of volume and rich, shimmering colours will be the perfect showcase for their overflowing personality. Conversely, those with a refined, minimalist style will naturally be drawn to pieces of understated beauty, where every detail has been carefully chiselled in a quest for balance.

Choose a charm that appeals to you

Beyond passing trends, the most important thing is to be guided by your innate aesthetic sense. A plant charm is not just a simple accessory, but a reflection of your soul, an extension of your inner self. So let your heart whisper to you about the piece that will move you and brighten up your everyday life with a smile.

Wear your charm with pride

These charms, testament to ancestral know-how and an unfailing link with nature, are ornaments to be worn with renewed pride. Far from ephemeral diktats, they embody a philosophy of life, a celebration of authenticity and raw beauty. So it's with radiant confidence that you can wear them, proud ambassadors of a delicate art and respect for our natural environment.


Plant charms are a versatile accessory that can be worn with many different styles. Feel free to experiment to find the look that suits you best.